The Great American Road Trip 2022

Hi there, friends! I’m Jess (most of you know that, because most of you are people who already know me and are here because I sent you the link) and this is where I’ll be chronicling my 7-month journey across the U.S., from eastern North Carolina to the West Coast and back in a 2016 Subaru Forester. I’ll be mostly living out of my car (more on that later). I’ll be visiting cities (mostly for the food) and also the vast amount of public land available in the U.S. (mostly for the solitude). And I’ll be photographing, taking video and writing all along the way.


Because I can. Because I’ve wanted to do something like this since I was conscious that people do things like this, which is more years than most people believe. Because I feel more alive when I travel, and I’m in desperate need of an adventure.

There are probably more reasons, and I’m sure they’ll come out as we go, but that’s a start.

I leave in a few of days. Let’s do this.