Hi, folks! I am Jessica, a woman who attempts and often fails to blog on any kind of consistent basis whatsoever, but I’ll keep trying.

I’m sitting here trying to decide what I want to say in this bio, a litany of descriptive phrases running through my head like ticker tape … writer … reader … sommelier … graduate student … divorcee … dog owner … friend … daughter … sister … runner … other things.

Those are all nice titles that say a little something about my life and interests, but only a little. I don’t know what I want to say about myself any more than I know what I want – at age 38 – out of the rest of my life, but I suppose that’s the purpose of this blog. An exploration of how to live my optimal life.

I spent seven years – at least – living the exact same life day after day and never getting anywhere. I was bored, overweight, lonely, unhappy. Now I’m trying to do things differently.

Not that I don’t get bored, lonely, or unhappy anymore. It still happens. Today is a prime example, but I also know I won’t allow my days to be like this for seven years. I have a lot for which to be grateful, as I keep reminding myself.


I’m devoted to self-improvement and constantly searching for ways to be better, smarter, more compassionate, more daring, more loving and patient, kinder, more open, more physically fit, neater, more organized. Just more.

The subject of bettering oneself will come up a lot. And this bio will undoubtedly change as time goes on and I figure out what I really want to say.


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