My thoughts on 10/2/17:

  1. Life is short, uncertain, and often terrifying.
  2. Our leadership is shit. And we’re not even through a whole year of the four we have to endure.

But …

  1. Nothing heals me like music and the feel of a particular person’s skin on mine.
  2. I was told by a colleague that I’m the kind of person who gets things done.

These are the little things that keep me going every day. It’s easy for me to be positive and grateful in the face of tragedy, because I didn’t lose anyone today. And it should be easy. I drank bourbon and made love and did my work well and cuddled a couple of warm dogs. Really, what more can anyone ask of their day? No one was shooting at me or anyone I love.

I have been so down for so long, and I’m fucking done. It’s selfish. All of my problems are of my own making. They’re simple to solve. They’re nothing. They are not worth making myself or anyone else miserable.

I am done. This changes now. Today.

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