Seeking a sense of direction

I have several ideas for projects that I think would be fun and interesting and potentially lead to something sellable or publishable … and I have absolutely no motivation to make them happen. I just daydream about them.

I don’t know if I need a life coach or a counselor, but I’m starting with counseling. Because I also think I have issues managing personal relationships. I’m far too dependent on other people (and possibly bourbon) to make my life fun and interesting and lovable. And I think both my upbringing and my former marriage have made it both difficult for me to communicate emotions and led me to expect derision when I finally do.

My behavior is making the people I care about most unhappy, and that’s not acceptable.

I found out from a colleague I get six free counseling sessions through my workplace. You can gain a lot of insight in six conversations with an impartial stranger.

So yeah, I’m gonna get a little help finding my sense of direction and purpose.

2 thoughts on “Seeking a sense of direction

  1. Michelle

    I’m proud of you for being truly willing to look at yourself and for taking steps forward to change what you don’t love. You’re amazing.



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