This Week

The post office lost my divorce paperwork, and I will most likely have to spend another $165 to file again.

The tax preparer I went to did not help me. Or even like me, I suspect. And I owe a lot.

One of my dogs has started to have occasional seizures.

I frequently feel like I’m under attack at my primary job by people who don’t in fact know as much about my work as I do.

I got about two hours of sleep last night.

But …

I gave someone going through real grief a new and comforting idea.

I know – even if others don’t – that I did good work this week and got a lot done.

I got some unexpected time with someone I love.

I listened to good music.

I had a couple of good ideas I can mold into actions. I think.

I came to the realization that I should not, under any circumstances, have more than two drinks in a day because it will only make me either sad or angry or both.

I worked my body very hard, and it will be better for it.

I walked a lot.

There’s always next week.

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