Abdul Sattar Edhi’s Example

Google wants you to know today who Abdul Sattar Edhi was – and it should. In a country where so many misguided people want to take away others’ health care, they should read about a man in Pakistan who worked to develop his own health care foundation so he could provide free care to those who couldn’t afford it.

In a country whose rich lawmakers want to destroy a poor woman’s ability to plan her family sensibly but don’t want to provide any programs to help her care for the children this will force her to have, you should read about a man who, when he died, was the legal guardian of 20,000 orphans.

And in a country where this man would be detained (and in fact was during the Bush administration) at the airport for questioning because of what he looks like, you should read about how he helped raise $100,000 to help victims of … wait for it. Hurricane Katrina. Americans in Louisiana and Mississippi – many of whom voted for a man who will never be able to even comprehend that kind of generosity and dedication much less practice it – benefited from Edhi regardless, and they should know.

They should know that a Muslim man on the other side of the world worked hard to help bring them aid – and think about that the next time they think Americans shouldn’t be called on to help people outside of our own borders.

Borders are not natural. They’re a political construct, and in the grand scheme of things, they don’t mean much. We are world citizens. And if we don’t figure out how to take care of each other, then there will have been no point in us being here at all on this tiny blue dot that will not last forever.

What a horrible waste of thousands of years of civilization building. And millions of years of human evolution.

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