The First Day


Welcome, 2017. May you be full of love, laughter and light.

I have a list of things that I want to do this year. It’s not comprehensive. There are doubtless things I’m leaving out. A year is a long time.

But this is what’s on my mind this first day of a new year:

  • Write daily.
  • Create beautiful things.
  • Read more. So much more.
  • Be more content with what I have, long less for what I don’t.
  • Drink less.
  • Give more.
  • Cultivate elegance. (By that I mean emote less.)
  • Be kinder and more patient, particularly with those I love.
  • Stop assuming I know what anyone else is thinking.
  • Budget properly and stick to it.
  • Keep my apartment cleaner.
  • Pay off credit cards.
  • Take art classes.
  • Make more decisions based on my principles rather than my current mood.
  • Dismiss any thought that my life is passing by too quickly.
  • Remember it’s almost always about the journey, not the destination.
  • Cultivate serenity.
  • Delegate more.
  • Find ways to positively influence young people (especially those who will be old enough to vote in 2020.)
  • Embrace activism that helps mitigate the effects of the political winter to come.
  • Sleep more.
  • Run a half marathon.
  • Redesign my apartment.
  • Be more grateful.
  • Shine light into the darkness.
  • Call my sister.

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